Why Choose Made to Measure Curtains

By master Feb 10, 2022

Why Choose Made to Measure Curtains

One of the first things you notice when you enter a room are the furnishings and decor. You don’t notice at first what’s in it so much as you do what surrounds what’s in it. And the main things that surround a room are the curtains. They are the first impression you get when you enter a home and, as we all know, first impressions are lasting impressions. This is why it very important to make the first impression of your home an extension of your own personal style and taste. It’s what makes you comfortable, and your guests comfortable. In this article we’ll be talking about the best ways to pick out curtains that complement the style of both you and your home.

Your home itself may not be custom built, but everything in your home is customized to suit your needs and tastes, so your curtains shouldn’t be any different. Made to measure curtains just may very well be the wave of interior decorating because just about everything about them is customized. From the size, to the color, to the fabric. Linen curtains are quickly becoming the favorite choice of homeowners because of their lush feel and look, and the wide array of colors to choose from. They are sturdy, but not hard to look at. They actually help a bit to keep the heat and cold out. And for the eco-friendly among us, natural and eco-friendly curtains are made from linen. Unlike nylon and polyester, linen is biodegradable and breaks down easily.

After the fabric of your curtain is chosen, you can pick out whatever color best suits the needs of your home, and your own personal tastes. If you have a small room with small windows, you may want to consider brighter colors, as they tend to make your room look bigger. Brighter colors also help set a mood of liveliness and a feel of being outgoing. And if that’s you, then that will be the type of color you’ll want. Larger rooms on the other hand typically have darker colors to make the room feel and look more cozy. It also sets a more relaxed mood.

And this is where made to measure curtains come in very handy. With made to measure curtains you not only dictate the size, how far down they go or how short they will be, but how wide you want them and how you want the edges to look. Even with larger curtains, the details of it are very important. Rounded edges along the top and the bottom give not only the curtains, but the whole room as a result, a soft and textured feel. And this goes very well with darker shades, as those hues are also soft. The smaller, brighter curtains however should have “harder” edges as they complement the whole feel that the color exudes.

So, as you can see, made to measure curtains have more than just that one quality going for it. There are as many reasons to purchase made to measure curtains as there are options they provide.

By master

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