Modern Theatre and Stage Supplies

By master Nov 29, 2021

Modern Theatre and Stage Supplies

When we talk about theatre supplies or stage equipment, we usually think about curtains, drapes, light systems, acoustics and all the other ‘visible’ parts and accessories. The fact is there is a lot more to stage supplies that just the ones that we see. There are curtain tracks, riggings, leg brackets, and accessories like ropes, fringes, tassels, thread, grommet, webbing, chains and so on and so forth. Also of importance are the curtain storage systems like curtain bags and canvas hampers, which can help protect the theatrical/stage curtains when not in use. Today, many theatre suppliers and dealers can provide you with theatrical supplies including curtains, fabrics, curtain tracks, drape supports, shot bags, scene boards, webbings, cords and curtain bags. Many institutions like schools auditoriums, community centres, photograph studios, concert halls, nightclubs, exhibition industry, museums and TV studios constantly need such supplies for their Stages.

The fact is most of these systems and equipments have undergone tremendous change in their designs. Technology has made the designs user-friendly and has also facilitated their ease of use. As an example let us consider the changes that modern leg brackets (used for leg curtains) have undergone. We shall also consider the advantages that such leg brackets have over their traditional counterparts.

Today, the most commonly used leg brackets are the swivelling ones. They have several advantages over the conventional bracket mechanisms. They are extremely sturdy and durable. Moreover they are versatile and adjustable as well. The swivelling mechanism allows the leg bracket to have a 360 degree range of motion. The conventional leg systems were fixed and did not allow such versatility.

Safety is another feature offered by the swivelling leg brackets. Since they have adjustable mechanisms at ground level, there is no need for ladders and scaffolds. One can adjust the angle of the leg curtain and grasp the sides of the curtain. A little pressure is then enough to rotate the curtain to desired position.

Many swivelling leg brackets also come spring loaded. This help to hold the curtain firmly by exerting the desired amount of pressure at the top plate. The simple spring mechanism does not call for additional tools and it is easy to make minor adjustments.

Let us summarize the features of modern leg brackets:

• They are designed for heavy duty applications

• They have black anodized finish for durability

• They are suitable for curtain dimensions up to 2.5m

• They are made with Solid steel plate design for maximum strength

Today, curtains are also stored in special bags to avoid wrinkles, especially when not in use. Plastic bags used in the past, often gave rise to condensation and moisture problems which damaged the delicate curtains. Today, theatrical canvas curtain bags and drawstring canvas storage hampers are being used for storing theatrical curtains when not in use. These keep the curtains safe from moisture, dust, rodents, bugs etc, thereby extending their life.

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