Shower Curtains Rise to the Task – Humble But Oh So Versatile

By master Dec 2, 2021

Shower Curtains Rise to the Task – Humble But Oh So Versatile

Most bathrooms have a shower curtain. Shower curtains come in a wide variety of styles, materials and textures. They are used to keep the water from a tub or shower from spilling onto the bathroom floor. They often come with plastic liners to hang inside the tub leaving the decorative curtain looking lovely and dry. It is a basic household item for most homes yet is seldom employed to its full potential.

There a million and one other uses for bath curtains and these items should be viewed with much more respect then the average consumer gives them. With its wide rings and versatile design these durable products can be put to great use. For families with children, these curtains can provide several practical functions.

Many children love to have forts or houses that they can crawl into. Often bulky boxes or hard walls are impractical. Children do love to build their forts out of chairs and couch cushions, and there is a certain joy in flopping on the fort and knocking it down. But there are times when creating a more permanent play area should be considered. If a child has a loft bed with a desk underneath, running a durable curtain across the opening creates a new world. In play areas using a plastic liner and a decorative curtain help keep clay balls and spattered paint from launching across the room and landing on the new berber carpet. After the paints are put away, the curtain can be pushed back or even removed if it is mounted for easy install. Many children love the feeling of having an instant room for creative freedom. For those less comfortable with kids and paints out of view, the clear liner might be enough.

These curtains can be cut and mounted on dowels to create an instant puppet stage. The curtain half with rings can be used as a stage curtain while the rest can be stapled to a board and create the stage front that hides the magic and giggling kids. This is a great project to involve the child, from finding the best curtain, to cutting it up and mounting it. It can provide a great activity before a single puppet show is preformed.

There are some nice four poster beds that can be found in stores and on the internet. One of the items that often need replacing because of wear and tear in a used bed is the curtains that can close around the bed. In a new model it might just be an aesthetic choice to find another style of curtain. Curtains for the shower are a great inexpensive option for the sewing phobic. Lovely curtains can be found at discount stores and provide a simple solution to a potentially expensive problem. The curtain rings may need to be modified, but the effort can be worth it.

These are a versatile product that can be used for many more things then intended. Utility rooms, closets and areas where doors are unmanageable are good candidates for curtains. This is an item that has many applications.

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