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Why Use a Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

By master Dec6,2021

Why Use a Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

Using a fabric shower curtain can actually give you more choices when it comes to finding the right one for your bathroom however this means that you will need to have a fabric shower curtain liner for it as well. What is a fabric curtain liner and why do you need to use one when you decide to use fabric curtain for your bathroom?

A shower curtain liner is basically a waterproofing agent that you use with your fabric curtain. This helps keep the water from soaking your curtain and from making it drip water on your bathroom floor, which then defeats the purpose of using a shower curtain in the first place. Choosing to use a curtain is often a choice made from a design standpoint since these things will still require a liner that is waterproof to help keep the water from going where it shouldn’t go. Deciding to use a curtain however gives you a huge range of possibilities since you can now choose to use fabrics that you can coordinate with your bedroom linen, your bathroom’s curtains or even your bathroom’s tiles and decor.

When you use a curtain liner, you should know that this waterproof liner goes into the area that gets wet and the fabric part goes on the outside. Most of the time, these fabric curtains and waterproof liner pairs are used for those bathrooms that have showers and bathtubs combined together in the bathtub area. This makes the use of the waterproof liner easier since you can just pull this into the tub area to help keep the water in while you shower and you simply push the fabric curtain out of the tub to keep it from getting wet.

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