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Remodeling Your Bathroom Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

By master Jan20,2022

Remodeling Your Bathroom Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

What would your bathroom look like without a soap dish, shower curtain, or towel rack. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to function well, but we only give these items a passing thought. Usually we make sure the colors match and then move on. Upgrading some of these small accessories can give your bathroom a needed face lift.

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom so we should make it as comfortable as we can. You spend money to match up your bedspread, curtains and other bedroom furnishings, you should spend just as much time and effort in matching your bathroom.

You might spend about $75 for a nice upgrade to your sink, but it could become the piece that everyone is talking about. When people enter your bathroom they will think that you have remodeled. The little upgrades might just make your house easier to sell when that time comes.

Most people notice the major items such as the shower, tub and vanity. The small accessories are important also. The shower curtain is the largest item in your bathroom but it is the most ignored. Instead of the basic plastic curtain try a fabric shower curtain with a liner. Because the curtain is the largest piece in your bathroom, everything else should match the design and colors of the curtain.

There are other options to the traditional shower curtain called hookless shower curtains. There are many different kinds of hookless shower curtains. Snap on curtains fold over the the top of the curtain rod and the ends snap together. Another type has the rod itself going through the holes at the top of the curtain. The curtain top accordions back and forth on the rail. Cloth ties can replace hooks. This will give your bathroom a comfortable, homey look.

Be creative, make you bathroom an exciting place, don’t just settle for one plain color. Take a look at your bathroom and take inventory of the small items that you can change to make an upgrade. You might find that for a little amount of money your bathroom can look new.

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