RV and Marine Sealable Shower Curtains – Reduces Housework

By master Jan 23, 2022

RV and Marine Sealable Shower Curtains – Reduces Housework

Finally there is a new innovation in shower curtains that are ideal for Marine and RV’s. Provides all the benefits of a shower door and reduces housework.

Yes there is a unique new shower curtain that will create a reusable watertight seal to the sides of any shower stall. This is ideal because usually there is not a lot of room in a shower unit in most boats or RV. In the past if you hit your arm or any body part against the curtain, chances are that you would create an opening where the shower water would escape.

This tends to be a problem where there could be either delicate wood finishes close by or anything within a few feet of the shower stall.

With the new innovative shower curtains, you now can keep surfaces outside of the shower and floors dry.

Originally designed for the home use for busy families, these specially designed curtains are now used in hospital, hotels, universities and senior housing complexes because of their ability to keep floors clean, dry and safe.

An individual has a choice between a Peva (water proof plastic) or a fabric polyester curtain in one of the various kits available. A kit comes with two tubes that hang from your existing shower rings closes to the side of the tub or stall that you want to seal. Along with six lengths of half inch wide wall channels (three for each side) which the tube inside the curtain’s side sleeve are press into, that create the reusable water tight seal.

Both the Peva and the fabric curtains come in 36″, 46″ or 66″ width and all are 72.5 inches long in length.

The added feature of the PEVA curtain kit is that the plastic curtain can be easily cut or trimmed to any length with a simple pair of scissors in order to be custom fit your shower stall height.

So take a moment and do a quick search the web, and you soon will discover these new innovative curtains. After you install one, you will reduce your housework on your boat or RV unit.

By master

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