Review Roofing Companies Thoroughly Before Hiring Any Company For Your Job

Have you ever replaced your roof? It’s not a cheap endeavor by any stretch of the imagination. Before you sign a contract or write any checks take a moment to educate yourself on how to find out about your contractor before the work starts–because then it’s too late or it will cost more to get someone else to come in and fix the blunders. Resist the temptation to cut costs by hiring an amateur, do-it-yourself-on-the-weekend roofer. Hire a professional roofing contractor.

Each roofing contractor is unique. Experts strongly suggest that you prequalify any Roofing Sales Objections housing contractor you are contemplating hiring. Need help? Follow these tips:

Confirm a permanent physical place of business, contact number, tax I.D. number, and business license.

Request viewing of liability insurance and workers’ compensation certificates. Be sure that the coverage is current and will remain current until the job is completed. Workers’ compensation laws vary by state. Contact your state’s workers’ compensation insurance office to determine requirements in your state.

Search for a company with a history of client references. Contact past customers to find out how satisfied they were.

Ensure proper licensing and bonding. Contact your state’s licensing board office for details on requirements in your state.

Request a written estimate. Read it closely, make sure you understand the descriptions of the work, beginning and end dates, protocol for payment, safeguards for unfinished work or no-shows.

Contact national and regional industry associations to see if he is a member.

Contact the Better Business Bureau to ensure that no complaints have been filed against him.

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Talk to the contractor to find out how he manages supervision of the work, quality control procedures. Ask for the name and contact information of the person in charge of job site, inquire as to how many workers will be present each day, and get a firm commitment on date of completion.

Read the fine print in your roofing warranted.

Exercise skepticism when accepting bids. When things sound too good to be true, then they are. Don’t make price the only factor you consider. Quality work and professional conduct are incredibly important factors also.

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