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Rooftop Garden Tips

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If you’re one of the lucky homeowners with access to a flat roof, you have a multitude of options for turning that previously unused square footage into an outdoor living space for you, your family and your guests. Roofer’S Helper Building a rooftop garden is just a one of the favorite options for transforming your drab, flat rooftop into the best view of the neighborhood and is becoming increasingly common in urban areas in particular.
The first thing you need to know before getting started is the zoning ordinances in your area. Nothing else really matters if the city you live in doesn’t allow development on your roof but the good news is, most cities are all for rooftop gardens because of massive environmental benefits.
The second most important thing to consider is how much weight your roof can sustain. Calling out a professional contractor is a wise investment in this project and can help you avoid damage and disappointment in the future if you’re roof just can’t handle the extra pounds. Once you have confirmed the structure is capable of supporting added weight, remember, it’s still good practice to use lighter materials on the roof than you would on a patio or ground level garden. Carrying materials, soil and water up to the roof can become physically taxing so do your self a favor to use the lightest materials possible.
That being said, you should also consider that the roof is going to be considerably windier. So, if you’re afraid that those lighter materials just might blow away, be sure to secure them with weights (rocks, pots etc) or nail plastic chairs or pottery right to the roof. You can also decrease wind flow with attractive trellises or a wind breaker.
Another thing you’ll want to consider is where your water will come from. Are you responsible for lugging buckets of water up from the kitchen sink everyday? Does it rain frequently enough to water the plants and fill up barrels for future usage? Being aware of your water source is another way to protect yourself from getting in over your head in terms of maintenance after the project is completed.
Otherwise, it’s pretty much up to you to go all out and bring your vision to life. A rooftop garden is not only a charming and refreshing addition to your home but it also helps to reduce flooding, Roofing Company In Usa lower the cost of heating and cooling your entire house (by reducing the temperature of the roof and therefore reducing energy cost) and gives you access to fresh fruits, vegetables and spices.

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