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Snap Over Hookless Shower Curtain Solutions For Easier Installation

By master Jan10,2023

Snap Over Hookless Shower Curtain Solutions For Easier Installation

If you have vacationed or traveled lately, you probably noticed that the curtains used in the showers of hotels have no hooks. This style of curtain was not available to the general public until the last few years, and are just beginning to catch on and become more popular. The types of these kinds used for your shower area include the use of velcro closures, snap over closures, built-in split ring system, tie top or buttons to attach the shower curtain over any standard shower curtain rod. Snap over style shower curtains are becoming more popular due to the demand for an easier way to hang curtains in the shower. The following will cover how hookless snap overs can benefit you at home.

There are many benefits of using hookless solutions. First, you don’t have to fumble with hooks that are not only hard to get through those tiny, poorly perforated holes, but come loose and you have to go back and hook them again. This turns into a time consuming task that cuts into your precious relaxing bath/shower time. Other benefits of the hookless option is that they are easier to hang, faster to hang and and affordable solution. Why would you spend the same or more for a shower curtain that will take you more time and effort to hang?

Brands like Cromwell, Rockport, Litchfield, Mystery, Sorrento and Blue Dolphin make top quality hookless snap over shower curtains in a variety of fabrics, styles, colors and sizes to suit your taste. The snap over version of the hookless kind is very easy to install. You simply draw the curtain over the curtain rod and connect the snaps. This is a far cry from fumbling with those shower curtain hooks.

You can comparison shop and find the shower curtain with hookless snap over closures that will match your bathroom area and fit your personal style online. Imagine not having to fight with hooks and being able to get into your tub/shower to enjoy your bath time. If you are tired of those hooks, it’s time to find the hookless type that fits your needs.

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