Start a Layered Decorating Vision With a Double Curtain Rod

By master Jan 12, 2023

Start a Layered Decorating Vision With a Double Curtain Rod

If you want to update the look of your living room, a great place to start is by installing a double curtain rod. It may seem like an odd place to start, but starting the layering process of decorating at your windows really makes sense. You start placing the basics and then work your way towards the accent pieces. A gorgeous set of sheers on one rod and beautiful panels on the second give you a great place to start. From there you continue adding to the image you created in your mind until it comes to fruition.

For the decor of a room to be successful, the pieces need to be layered one upon another to create a picture of loveliness once the final vision is achieved. Anyone can place odds and ends of accent pieces here and there. It is a truly accomplished decorator that can layer different accessories so that they ultimately achieve one cohesive vision of loveliness. Each piece on its own is beautiful, yet when they are viewed all together and in place, the effect is nothing short of exquisite. By starting with your windows and then working your way inwards, you have started the layering process at its very core. When you are finally able to take a step back and look at the masterpiece you have created you will know that you made the right decision by starting with your draperies first.

In the same way that your sheers and panels are not an exact match, yet they work beautifully as a cohesive unit, so does the rest of your decor. Each piece compliments the other without overpowering it. When viewed as one singular entity, your living room truly becomes the sum of all of its parts. This is the true essence of successful decorating.

By master

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