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Spruce Things Up With Curtain Valances

By master Aug21,2022

Spruce Things Up With Curtain Valances

Adding some curtain valances to your home’s decor is a simple and inexpensive way to enhance the charm and appeal of any room. Because window treatments are one of the most important decor accessories in your home, you would be wise to learn a bit about what’s available to you before choosing a window valance. The vast variety of colors, fabrics, prints, styles and patterns can make choosing the right window treatment confusing at best.

Curtain valances are very similar to full length window curtains, the only real difference is in the length. Valances are typically only a few inches long and are meant to go along the top of the window. They can be used alone or in conjunction with full length curtains to enhance the look of the window decoration.

Curtain valances come in a wide variety of styles including balloon valances, cornice valances, ascot valances and many other styles. The decision on which style of valance is best for any given room is mostly dependent on the existing decor of the specific room and of the home in general. There are valances that are meant for more formal rooms and are made from fabrics such as velvet or silk and include accents such as beads and ruffles. There are also valances that are quite simple in style to be used for kitchens, bathrooms and children’s rooms. Usually these are made from cotton, sailcloth, linen or a similar casual fabric.

You can find curtain valances in many different stores. Home accessory stores and bath and bedding stores are popular places to buy valances, but you can even get them in the big department stores. In larger metro areas you’ll likely find stores devoted entirely to curtains, blinds and valances. For the largest selection and cheapest prices your best bet is to search online where you can find many internet retailers offering valances at affordable prices including free shipping.

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