What to Look For in Storm Recovery Water Damage Restoration Services

Stop whatever you are doing and read this article. When choosing a storm recovery water damage restoration in Chicago Southland company, there are several things to look for. These factors include IICRC certification, Liability coverage, experience, and ratings. In addition, the best restoration companies will be able to provide you with a same-day assessment of your property.

IICRC certification

A water damage restoration in Chicago Southland company with IICRC certification is an excellent choice for your home or business. Certified technicians have advanced training and have been tested on the latest technology to minimize water damage. They are trained to safely remove flood water from dwellings, remove wet flooring, and protect office equipment and furniture from mold and fungi. IICRC-certified professionals are also trained to address small damage situations like broken water mains.

IICRC certification in storm recovery and water damage recovery services focuses on establishing high industry standards and promoting professionalism. Certificates are issued by a third-party organization that sets the highest standards for water damage restoration services and other disaster recovery professionals. This international association supports over 50,000 certified technicians and over 6,000 businesses worldwide.

To earn the certification, water damage technicians must complete coursework and undergo skill demonstrations. Certification proves the technician’s expertise in water damage restoration and shows employers that they have undergone training and experience. It also documents their knowledge of water damage and its effects and expertise in water loss, sewer backflows, and contaminants.

Liability coverage

When you need water damage restoration in Chicago Southland services, it is essential to ensure they have liability coverage for your home and your work. The best companies have multiple liability coverage forms to protect their financial interests. This includes business insurance, directors and officers (D&O), and workers’ compensation insurance. Many also carry flood policies if a flood damages your home. You should also check with your insurance carrier for recommendations from disaster recovery companies.

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You must contact your insurance company immediately if you have recently experienced a flood. If you have flood insurance, you can have an adjuster assess the damages and work with you to restore your property to pre-flood condition. If you do not have flood insurance, you can hire a company specializing in flood damage recovery that will bill your insurance company directly for their work.

Choosing a restoration company specializing in water damage is critical, as these projects can be highly complex. They require knowledge of multiple aspects of construction, insurance assistance, and complex project management. A professional company will provide a thorough, accurate assessment of the damage and give you a reliable estimate of the costs involved.


When considering hiring a storm recovery water damage restoration service, it is essential to consider several factors. First, you want to find a company with experience and expertise in flood recovery. This is because water left over from a flood can be biohazardous and contaminated. In addition, different materials require different treatments and timetables.

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