Your Guide For Weddings’ Floral Arrangements

By master Sep 18, 2022

Your Guide For Weddings’ Floral Arrangements

A wedding with no flowers is unimaginable. Even with the tightest budgets, a small bridal bouquet for tossing would be found in the hands of the bride. But when money is not a problem, a complete budget is dedicated to a professional weddings’ florist and flowers then can be seen everywhere starting from the reception area and the chapel, until the flower girls, the ring bearer, maids of honor in addition to the bride and even the groom too.

Weddings’ flowers history dates back to the beginning of time since the addition of flower symbolized love and good wishes to all the attendants. It is claimed to be the ancient Greeks who first incorporated weddings’ floral arrangement in their ceremonies with different herbs included that were believed to keep the evil away and increase love and lust between the bride and the groom.

Actually, the effect of flowers, whether it is their colors or their smell, can’t be denied. They can add much of elegance and brightness to your ceremony. As a matter of fact, each flower color can steer different emotions and convey a special message of love and happiness, and the best combination is to blend both warm colors like colors between red, orange and yellow, with cool colors like purple, blue or green. For the warm colors are usually associated with warm feelings and happiness and the cool colors are associated with tranquility and peace. But be careful of the dominancy of the warm colors which could be sometimes irritating to the eye for some people.

Choosing your mean theme for your floral arrangement is a difficult choice, especially with the fact that different flowers grow in different seasons which means they are not available all year round and depending on the country too some flowers may not be obtainable. However, with an expert weddings’ florist, there would be some compromising without sacrificing much of your preference or style. Your floral arrangement main theme should match your wedding theme. Also for the colors, you should consider the colors of your dress as well as the colors of the surroundings too, like wall colors, curtain colors if they exist and the table cloth color as well. For example, roses and lilies with calm colors suit much a more conservative wedding, but for a beach wedding, daisies would be perfect especially when they come in combination with other warm colored flowers. Sunflowers would also be a perfect addition to an open air wedding at day light. And for a white dress, ivory colors would be romantic. Actually, your florist can help much with these issues, but you have to discuss with him your different alternatives, what you prefer, and what you would like to avoid. And always make sure that you feel comfortable with your florist and that you trust his choices.

Finally, try to start your planning for your floral arrangements as early as possible. Get an appointment with your florist and discuss with him your available choices based on your wedding date, your location and your budget as well. And don’t forget to stress your preferred colors and types of flowers.

By master

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