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Top Ten Tips – Curtain Care

By master Jan6,2022

Top Ten Tips – Curtain Care

Tip 1: Always read the label! This is the most important tip we can provide as all curtains are made up of different fabrics and compositions, subsequently they will all act differently to water, soap, detergents, chemicals and heat. Therefore, what is excellent at removing unsightly marks from one fabric could be catastrophic to another!

Tip 2: Made to Measure and Bespoke Curtains. These curtains are custom products and not ‘off the shelf’ mass produced products. Subsequently, it is unlikely they will carry a stitched in label. Therefore, it is imperative that you consult your supplier at the time of purchase to ascertain your curtains composition and care requirements.

Tip 3: Beware of sunlight. One of the greatest enemies of a curtain is constant exposure to sunlight. Over time it breaks down and deteriorates the curtain. Therefore, wherever possible and practical try to keep your curtains open during daylights hours, this will help to reduce exposure to the sun. Furthermore, it may be worth considering having a protective film placed over the windows, not only will this help to mitigate the damaging rays of the sun from your curtains but also your furniture and carpets.

Tip 4: The buildup of dust. Curtains are particularly susceptible to the buildup of settling dust. By simply giving the curtains a gentle tug once a day either when opening or drawing them this will unsettle the dust helping to prevent excessive buildup.

Tip 5: Monthly care. It is advised to lightly vacuum your curtains once a month. Use a low pressure setting and a soft bristled brush. If your curtains incorporate intricate stitching, sequins or buttons take particular care, in such cases you may wish to lightly brush your curtains with a soft bristled brush as oppose to vacuuming. Once again this will reduce the buildup of dust gathering in an unsightly fashion upon your curtains.

Tip 6: Fire Retardant curtains. Pay particular care to curtains that have been treated to enhance their Fire Rating. Any cleaning products or processes that the curtains are subject to could have a detrimental effect upon their Fire Retardant properties. Once again it is imperative to contact your supplier to ensure the correct procedures are adopted.

Tip 7: Kitchen curtains. Kitchen curtains are the most susceptible to gathering dirt or grime. This is worth considering when selecting your choice of fabric; a white silk, dry clean only fabric may not be the best option.

Tip 8: Bathroom curtains. As with kitchen curtains, bathroom curtains are also susceptible to the most grueling conditions with the presence of such high humidity. Once again this should be taken into account when selecting your bathroom curtains. If you have any doubts as to the suitability of a fabric for this location do not hesitate to consult your supplier prior to purchasing.

Tip 9: Clean your curtains over night. That way when you have finished you can hang them back up and allow the morning sunlight to get to work drying them.

Tip 10: Always read the label! Yes, we know this is a repeat of Tip 1. But, it is vitally important. Using the incorrect product on your precious curtains could damage them irreparably. If you have any doubts then always consult your supplier first.

This information has been provided courtesy of Merlin Fabrics.

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